I Don’t Know

Well I can’t take this any longer
well I can’t be this anymore
well I’m not getting any stronger
I don’t know how to feel this anymore

well you can tell me what you want
after all that you’ve done for me
we can’t make it all undone
can’t you see that
I don’t know what to think
and you can’t tell me we’re dreaming
I wish that I could just let this go
what I’m thinking
I don’t know what I’m feeling
we just need space for breathing
I wish that I could just let this go
what I’m thinking but I don’t know

It happen such a thousand times before
I’m up agianst a wall I can’t ignore
I wish you didn’t feel so good to hold
cause then it wouldn’t be so hard to know


I wish I could tell you that everything
was gonna be alright
I just wanna love you so maybe I
can let this go


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