In Too Deep

The night bird is dyin’
And, baby, there’s no denyin’
Too far gone to escape, to pull myself free (pull myself free)
Now, I’m tryin’, tryin’ hard to get back
How I’m dyin’ tryin’ hard to get back
But it’s too far, but it’s too far to climb

‘Cause I’m in too deep
Fallin’ down through the dark and it’s drivin’ me crazy
I’m in too deep
All the feel of the pain and it’s drivin’ me crazy

Trusted you without thinkin’
I didn’t, didn’t notice that I was sinkin’
Never thought I could lose what I’ve given in (I’ve given in)
How I’m needin’, needin’ to be near you
How I’m bleedin’ just needin’ to be near you
When all I wanted, all I wanted was you



I’m in too deep
Down a bottomless well, I’m a-shellin’, I’m fallin’
I’m in too deep
In a dark, cold cell, and you can’t hear me callin’
I’m in (in) too deep (too deep)
It’s a bottomless well that I find myself down in
I’m in (in) too deep (too deep)
In a dark, empty cell, I’m a-shellin’, I’m drownin’
(In too deep, ah ah ah)
(In too deep, ah ah ah, crazy)

(repeat and fade out)

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