Let Me Go

Down in the streets outside of Washington, D.C.,
I wasted all my time and you were there with me,
Back then it meant so much to have you by my side,
I always had your back and you always had mine,
Let me go,
Have some fun,
Well my decision sucks to you,
But I’m so young,
We’d hang out late and fight just trying to have fun,
We were such punk ass kids but we knew everyone,
And who could see through such blazed up bloodshot eyes,
There was a plan for us one day we’d realize
na, na, na, na, na, na, na (12x)
LET ME GO – Good Charlotte – Guitar Tab
Main Riff:
Choruses, Verses
(number of notes not shown, just listen to song, its not hard)
("main") Guitar 1: ("solo") Guitar 2:
e|————–| e|————–|
B|————–| B|————–|
G|————–| G|–5–0–9–5–|
D|-10–3–7–5–| D|————–|
A|-10–3–7–5–| A|————–|
E|-8—1–5–3–| E|————–|
Other riffs:
… Washington D.C." "…I’m still young"
e|————————–| e|————|
B|-4-(lots of times)-4-3-2-1| B|————|
G|————————–| G|————|
D|————————–| D|-10–12–10-|
A|————————–| A|-10–12–10-|
E|————————–| E|-8—10–8–|
"… na na na na na"

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