Stay Gold, Ponyboy

this is the closest to this friend that i’ve been
i hope you find it on greener ground and bluer skies
i hpe you don’t think less of me
if i’m cold i don’t want to watch you go
i’ll cry until i can’t see the whites of your eyes for two more years
we’ll be old enough to know better young enought to pretend
this is the last of my letters…
i hope you find my home and i hope you’re the first one in it
i know it won’t be the same
i’ll be there if you need anything at all you wan tto be
run around the world with me
state your distance but it’s not a million miles away
if this is what will really make you happy…
then i’ll say that we’ll be old enough to know better, young enough to pretend
this is the last of my letters
until i see you again

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