Sweet Sixteen

Thou shall cherish life [LaTavia] (LeToya) You couldn’t tell her jack or nothing Sixteen thought she knew it all (She was searching for the love she missed yeah) And so she ran away 1 (Slow down) You’re moving way too fast (Sixteen) There’s so much for you ahead Sweet sixteen Do you know where you’re running to [Beyoncé] (Kelly) She fell in love with a man who was so fine (so fine) He made her promises, yeah She didn’t stop to think if he was serious (No, no, no) Until she had his baby Sweet sixteen Repeat 1 Sixteen years, sixteen prayers Sixteen reason why I care Sixteen tears, you’re sixteen still Sweet sixteen (girl) I know you’re feeling lonely Who you gonna turn to Just like the worlds closing in on you Sweet sixteen You need cherish what you have You can forget about the past Now you can start all over, you can start all over again And cherish your life Repeat 1 Sweet sixteen Do you know where you’re going to Ba ba ba ba ba At sixteen Do you know where you’re going to Slow down Do you know where you’re going to Sweet sixteen At sixteen Sweet sixteen

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