December 12 Birthdays

December 12th Birthdays

  1. Crainer, YouTube Star
  2. Sky Katz, Rapper
  3. Indi Star, TV Actress
  4. Sarah Dorothy Little, Instagram Star
  5. Willywonkatiktok, TikTok Star
  6. Lucas Jade Zumann, Movie Actor
  7. Lincoln Melcher, TV Actor
  8. Frank Sinatra (1915-1998), Pop Singer
  9. Brooke Sanchez, TikTok Star
  10. Kimberly Loaiza, YouTube Star
  11. Brandon Walsh, YouTube Star
  12. Matt De La Torre, TikTok Star
  13. Adin Kolansky, Facebook Star
  14. Madchen Amick, TV Actress
  15. Devyn Nekoda, TV Actress
  16. Hila Klein, YouTube Star
  17. XboxAddictionz, YouTube Star
  18. Regina Hall, Movie Actress
  19. Shy Glizzy, Rapper
  20. Dawin Polanco, Pop Singer
  21. Joakim Berg, YouTube Star
  22. sadboybeanie, Instagram Star
  23. Rajinikanth, Movie Actor
  24. Seungri, Pop Singer
  25. Mayim Bialik, TV Actress
  26. Kate Todd, TV Actress
  27. Jaime Lorente, TV Actor
  28. Bob Barker, Game Show Host
  29. GamingMermaid, YouTube Star
  30. Miguel Bernardeau, TV Actor
  31. Amanda Trieschman, YouTube Star
  32. Adam B, World Music Singer
  33. Farah Dhukai, YouTube Star
  34. Jennifer Connelly, Movie Actress
  35. WhosChaos, YouTube Star
  36. Dionne Warwick, Gospel Singer
  37. The Boyboy West Coast, Rapper
  38. LotsOfBunnies, Twitch Star
  39. Kyran Nijjar, TikTok Star
  40. Tommy Smith, YouTube Star
  41. Austin Jones, Pop Singer
  42. Sterling Myers, TikTok Star
  43. Lmaoavni, Instagram Star
  44. India Jasmijn, TikTok Star
  45. Marwa Loud, R&B Singer
  46. Daniel Rich, YouTube Star
  47. Georgia Harrison, Reality Star
  48. Sylwia Lipka, Pop Singer

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