Don't Trust No N%$*$z

You put yo trust in a nigga
Stupid hoe, how you figure…
He won’t f*ck yo best friend and ya sista
Lie to ya,
Then screw ya,
Get mad if his homeboys do ya
He’s a nigga, don’t let him fool ya
They all dogs
That’s what they do, ugh
Til you put a stop to the sh*t they pull, and,
Get yo own sh*t that’s what you do, and,
Don’t worry bout him or his U’s man
You make him sweat dubs on yo sh*t, as,
You ride by, music high, ass held too
He’s watchin you, lustin with his b*tch, you,
Smile at him, nod at him,
Keep ridin, you see him later cuz he wanna stop by, when,
He sees you off the chain, lookin good too
You even got his b*tch wanna freak you

Don’t trust no nigga no, no
You can’t trust no nigga no, no
(repeat 3x’s more)

Now when he comes
Open up
Let him freak you
Do all the thangs
Freaky thangs his b*tch can’t do
From the back to the side
Just ridin
Tighten up, rip it down
Sh*t’s wild then
Get him up, put him out
Nigga get gone!
She’s the one cussin, blowin up yo cell phone
I’m ova you, yeah, you had to learn the hard way
I give’s a f*ck bout wutcha might have to say
Cuz you see, I’m a queen in the end, though
You see where you’re gonna be in the end, broke
Knowin nothin, with nothin, stuck in the hood
While I’m straight, lookin lovely
Livin real good
So trust a nigga
F*ck a nigga
Get yo own sh*t
To let him know that he’s f*cking wit a raw b*tch
Wit a head on her shoulda
Knows how it goes
And when it’s time to let a mutha fucka get gone

Don’t trust no nigga, no, no
You can’t trust no nigga, no, no
(repeat 3x’s more)

You put yo trust in a nigga, dumb b*tch?
That f*ck ass nigga ain’t sh*t
(repeat 2x’s more)

Oh, you forgave him hoe?
Don’t seal that hoe
That nigga don’t mean you no good
(repeat 3x’s more)

Don’t trust no nigga, no, no
You can’t trust no nigga, no, no
(repeat 8x’s more)

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