Dreamin' About You

Beyond the words
Of beauty and desire
A memory of you
Sets me on fire
Your voice was magic
Your eye’s will paralyze
I fell out of your spell
I was mesmerized

I wish you would make it real
(Dreamin about you)
If only you knew that I was
(Dreamin about you)
If my wishes could come true
(Dreamin about you)
You’ve got to got to know that I am
(Dreamin about you)

Even when your heart
I could not find
I keep you locked up
Inside my mind
You dance through my thoughts
All of the time
To want someone this bad
Just must be a crime


Dreamin about you
Every day and every night

(Guitar Solo)

Oh life’s just a battle
I fight it every day
Sometimes I wonder
If it’s worth it to stay
But when I’m down
It’s you I’m thinking of
Someone special
Somebody I can love


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