Edyta Gorniak The Story So Far

I watched you turn around and walk away.
I made another decision, and I changed my life again today.
I think I should have stayed with you,
Another hour in bed.
And then maybe I’d feel different
And I wouldn’t have run into him instead.

Oh I lied to you.
When I told you baby,
I cried for you.
Now I am breaking up inside.
Can’t stop loving you,
But I lied to you.
I know I’ve broken your heart.
And that’s the story so far.

If you ask me what I have learned.
Then I would tell you if you gonna walk through fire,
You would get burned.

If we knew at the beginning,
Then why do we have to rewind.
Well I just realized the problem is
I don’t know where to draw the line.

Oh I lied to you.
Then I lost you baby.
I broke in two.
You took away my life.
You took away my life.
I’ll never understand why I lied to you.
I know I’ve broken your heart.
And that’s the story so far.

I’ll do anything to hold you in my arms.
I’ll never do this to you, baby.
What can I do?
I’m sorry, I’m sorry baby.

Oh I lied to you.
I’ll cry for you.
I’d die for you, for you.
Sorry baby, sorry baby.
I know I’ve broken your heart.
That’s the story so far…
so far…
so far

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