ft. B.G., Lil’ Marice, Taz

[Verse One: B.G.]
On the block avanna to magnolia tryna shine
I scored a bird and I flipped dat bitch forty times
Now we ballin from Houston to New Orleans seven figures (ya’ll lyin)
Got the baddest broads callin cause I’m rockin ice (bling!)
Gotta 2000 Benzy Bike rrrroooommmm rrrooommmm! loud pipes loud pipes
Gotta house on Washatona thats laid out
Short Bentley on dubs paid out
My niggas homes said wodie be bout cha’ paper
He said you got ends dem feds will try ta hate ya
I said look here you know I’m bout my change cousin
I can spend a grand a day like it ain’t nuttin
Cause I got money to blow I can spend a mill a day
and be far from broke ya heard me believe dat!
If it ain’t ice it ain’t ya heard me!
If it ain’t platinum it ain’t right

[Chorus 2X: Lil’ Flip]
Everyday I’m ballin (ooohh da way y’all ball)
Bourbon is crawlin (ooohh da way y’all ball)
Texas to New Orleans we ballin (ooohh da way y’all ball)

[Verse Two: Lil’ Marice]
I’ma balla-shot calla and I’m seven years old
My blades gon’ chop and my pop trunk low
I chill wit my boys I might ride tan
I’ma H-town playa and ya’ll cant stand me!
When I’m at school I make good grades
Ya know I’m Sucka Free and we all playa made
Chop chop twist twist I got rocks on my wrist
I’ma million dollar balla wit a million dollar kiss

[Verse Three: Lil’ Flip]
I got rocks on my wrist head lights on my fist
Wit all dis platinum in my mouth playboy I’m da shit!
I gotta Bourbon, a Jag, and one Durango
If you lookin at my watch you might see a rainbow
And when I pull up on da scene I’m hangin out da sunroof
Fo’ 15’s in my trunk kick like kungfoo (hhhuuwwwhhhaaii!)
You say you ballin like me what you gun’ do
What you got on yo’ watch I got on one tooth
I like to spend 50 and ball in da mall
Go to Gavleston and crawl on da wall
Me & Duke spend money and roll on 3’s
I spend money like it grows on trees!

[Verse Four: Taz]
If you ain’t a millionare you cant ball wit me
Girl if you ain’t a star you cant get caught wit me
Ain’t nobody gon’ represent the south like me
Ain’t nobody got rocks in they mouth like me
I’ma shine no matter what the cost
Maybe I’m da boss nobody play the flaught wit me
You claim you ballin hard you ain’t spendin G’s
We only roll 20-inches on our Bentley’s
T-A-Z ballin is what you hate ta say
Twenty D’s in my rang can you pay da fee
Wit out money I dont know how my day would be
It’s Hill Wood puttin it down playa we Sucka Free, that’s right!

[Chorus 4X: Lil’ Flip]
Everyday I’m ballin (ooohh da way y’all ball)
Bourbon is crawlin (ooohhh da way y’all ball)
Texas to New Orleans we ballin (ooohh da way y’all ball)

[Verse Five: Lil’ Flip]
Look everybody in my click got Ninja bikes
Please take off ya ring I got bigger ice
I shoot craps in Vegas they got bigger dice
I re-did my teeth platinum for a bigger price
I got drop-top toys like Fisher Price
I like 2000 cars they got bigger lights
I got 20’s at night jus’ ta blow ya mind
I pull up in a crawla jus’ ta slow ya down [tires schreeching]
When I pull up at da light women stop and giggle ([Girls:] Hey Flip,Hey Flip)
I tell em girl ya look good hop in da middle
I’ma Texas boy and I like ta ball a lot
I got 2 Prime Co’s women call a lot (Hello,Hello)
I cant help dat I’ma star its in my Jeans-N-Trace
I got my name on my arm ScreensNPlates
I’m Lil’ Flip and I’m all about stockin change
You say ya gotta million nigga that’s pocket change
I’m ballin, I’m ballin!

[Chorus 4X: Lil’ Flip]
Everyday I’m ballin (ooohhh da way y’all ball)
Bourbon is crawlin (oooohh da way y’all ball)
Texas to New Orleans we ballin (oohh da way y’all ball)

[Harmonized: Lil’ Flip]
sippin on lean ya know I’m lookin clean
watchin T.V screens 20 diamonds in my rriinngg!
we bbbaaallllliiinnnggg!
khakis wit a creese platinum on my teeth
ya know I’m Sucka Free till I DDDD-III-EEEE!
we bbbaaallliiinngggggg!

[Girl Singing]
I like da way you playas ball I like
dem diamonds when ya smile it jus da way
you playas shots and roll on 20’s all da time
ooohhh!drastic!da way ya’ll ball!

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