Fire it Up

Verse 1:

My day starts out light, but it is very heavy as the night approach
When I take flow from all dat smoke dat I smoke, no joke
As I commence to take flight its gotta be first class cuz this ass
Could give a fuck about coach….bitch
(How high do you fly when you fly back?)
From da bottom to top- top to bottom and back
Now as I lay me in da cup gettin fucked up
Puffin on blunts and comin up with some mo of dat funky stuff
Rough and tough is not enough to keep my focus
No its dat hocus pocus abracadabra smokeyas
Fills up da room as I breathe again
One smoke from da ghetto its dem braids and
When flossing in my benz with my friends it begins
Smell the aroma puttin you in a coma
Its dat super sanky dank that’ll make ya faint go blank
Hey when I its da door all my niggas say,

Chorus: Adi adi adi adi ah… (its probably all dat chronic that I smoke)
Oh How we love it when ya fire it up
Adi adi adi adi ah…layin in da cut gettin real fucked up (say 2x)

Verse 2:

Its a new day new day truly ain’t nathin changed
Fall up out my bed to the same ol’ thangs
Your averaged, everyday black surrounded, bar-b-que, a little weed
Its some niggas with some bass pounding
One o’clock is da time to raise
take a shower brush my teeth and correct my braids
Now listen up to what I say because this typa shit, it happens everyday and
(I gotta place where I soak some so) In da summer its a coolin
In da winter its a smoke ho
20 feet away from da house in da back
Surrounded by a gate draked in all black its
(Its where me and my homies go smokin on that thang till it aint no mo)
How we smoke? (we smoke till I blast some mo)
Doin my thang kickin back relax and then

Chrous: say (2x)

We like to smoke, we like to smoke, we like to smoke baaaby (say 4x)

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