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This is a free general chat room where you can have live chat with people from USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and people from all over the world, at the same time in multiple chatrooms and discussion groups, any time you can start a private conversation.






Common Rules for all Rooms
These rules listed below are common for all rooms and make sure you follow these rules in all rooms.

Chat Room conduct should be guided by common sense & basic etiquette.

You will be considered in violation of the Chat Room Rules of Conduct if you (or others using your web access) do any of the following:

Post, promote, or distribute content that is illegal.
Harass, threaten, embarrass, or do anything else to another chatter that is unwanted. This means: don’t say bad things about them; don’t attack their character, race, heritage, etc. If you disagree with someone, respond to the subject, not the person.
Transmit or facilitate distribution of content that is harmful, abusive, racially or ethnically offensive, vulgar, sexually explicit, or in a reasonable person’s view, objectionable. Community standards may vary, but there is no place in these rooms where hate speech is tolerated.
Disrupt the flow of chat in chat rooms with vulgar language, abusiveness, hitting the return key repeatedly or inputting large streams of text so the screen goes by too fast to read, etc. This is online vandalism, and it ruins the experience for others.
Pretend to be anyone whom you are not. You may not impersonate another chatter, a Wild About Trial Moderator.
The discussion of illegal activities that do not pertain to Wild About Trial.
Foul language, will not be tolerated unless all letters of the word are replaced by substitute characters. Example ($#!^ is acceptable. Sh!t is not. In no way should there EVER be letters or numbers used.) Also prolific foul language use, such as #*()$% ^!*()# *^() it all to #@**, will not be tolerated either, regardless of covering up the entire word.
Anyone caught posting links from other live streaming sources will be immediately banned from our chat rooms.
Anyone caught bashing the Wild About Trial moderators will be immediately banned from our chat rooms.
Anyone caught coming back in a chat room under a different username after being banned will be immediately banned from our chat rooms.
How breaking the rules will be handled.

1st Offense: You will be spoken to in public and asked to stop your actions.
2nd Offense: You will be kicked from the server.

You are Not allowed to flood chat with same messages more than 4 times :)
You are Not allowed to use pedo nick names as your username in the chat room.
You are Not allowed to post or share any other website links.
You are Not allowed to share or post any kind of illegal images. Keep it 18+ Pictures.
You are Not allowed to spam other website links on the cam.
You are Not allowed to troll/abuse our VIP/Moderators/Admins.
You are not allowed to spam(flood) your social network or messenger id or any kind of social id in our chat lobby.
You are not allowed to share your or others mobile numbers, social id and more.

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Thank you for providing the rules and guidelines for the chat room. I appreciate the emphasis on maintaining a respectful and inclusive environment for all participants. I understand the importance of following these rules, and I assure you that I will adhere to them. I look forward to engaging in meaningful conversations and contributing positively to the community.

Posted : August 12, 2023 3:35 AM
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