Get Back

Here comes the boom

I got game like Kobe, act like you know me,
if you rhyme better well then kid you best show me
Fly by wrecking, never come in second, fists in my pocket
and use my words as my weapon
Ghetto blaster thumping, girlies are bumping,
got to get the dough like my man Donald Trump and
Set this in motion, jaws in the ocean,
if you need a rhyme well, then kid I got the potion

Building this up like a high rise,
better yet phatter than Nell Carter’s right thigh
Coming in slanging, never leave you hanging,
if you talk then on your door I’m banging
Twisting up hip hop, running with my flip flops,
past all the cops just chilling in the donut shops
For no other reason, no it ain’t treason,
just coming up cause this is the zebrahead season

Get it back
I didn’t want it
Didn’t need it
My time is the only thing that you have taken
So above the world, don’t be mistaken
Get it back
I didn’t want it
Didn’t need it
You’ve lost the only thing that you were given
Afraid to stand alone, so now you’re tripping

Living life disco, here to San Francisco,
do my own stunts cause I like to take the risk, yo
Punk rock rhyming, rap is always climbing,
like your first time cause I’ll pop out your hymen
With the bass drum booming, jump up in the room and,
watch the walls sway cause the groove is gooving
Got your hands shaking, suckers that I’m baking,
made you look dumb cause it’s your girl that I’m

Let me set this off like a bomb,
have your ass stepping like Jerry had Tom and I’m gone
With the free style form that I’m kicking,
have your ass tripping, with the rhymes that I’m flipping
And this ain’t no west coast thing,
it’s a world wide ring with the style we bring, right?
So watch the dime drop as I harvest my crop cause
I’m going to ride this to the top

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