Give In

It’s wrong not right so bad you know it.
I’ve been wrung in and out.
You say you want you need it your way.
You kick and scream and shout.

Give in give out give up it’s over.
Why even bother if I’m always wrong.
Give in give out give up it’s over.
So much for trying it’s time to move on.

You try to back me in a corner.
So sick of playin’ your game.
Too much too hard to take You’re giving.
So much that I don’t need.

You twist my words
To ease your mind
Don’t stand there smiling, at me
Don’t think it’s me
When it’s always you, it’s always you


Your mind my heart our words they drain me.
I’ve heard the same old lines
I’m tired worn out so weak don’t push me.
Don’t try it one more time.

[Chorus 2x]

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