Good Feeling

I’ve got a good feeling
Like I know how I’m feeling
Scraping me off the ceiling
Back to that good feeling
Now I find it hard living
Wasting our time giving
When will we all give in
Into that good feeling
Now I got a good feelin’
Like I know how I’m feelin’
Scrapin’ me off the ceiling
Back to that good feeling
You picked a time, a very fine time
To look at me, you’d see that I was fine
You’re happy too, just towing on your line
But you’re afraid of what you’ll find behind
In twenty years from now I’ll be the same
And you’ll be changing all the letters
In your maiden name
Ah you’re thinking that we’re one
But we’ll never be the same
Cause I got a good feeling
That I know I’m not missing
Anything you’re giving
Isn’t worth the good feeling

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