Never thought that we would ever be
More than friends
Now I’m all confused, cause for you
I had deeper feelings.
We both thought it was cool to cross the line
And I was convinced it would be alright
Now things are strange
Nothing’s the same, and really I just
Want my friend back.

And my mind’s gone half crazy
Cause I cant leave you alone
And I’m wondering if its worth me holding on.

I’d hate to walk away from you
As if this never existed
Cause when we kiss, the moment after
I looked at you different, yeah
Lately I gotta watch what I say
Cause you take things personal now a days.
You used to laugh, now you get mad
Damn I just want my friend back.


What happen to the one I used to know
Oh yeah, yeah, the one I used to
Laugh and joke wit the one I used
To tell all my secrets
We used to chill, and be down for whatever
Whenever, together yeah!


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