He's All I Got

You’re a girl that hates to see others happy
Unless you’re happy too
So, you’ve told the boy I love
A lot of things that ain’t true

And it’s breaking my heart
‘Cause it’s making us drift apart
So, humbly, I ask of you
To undo the wrong that you’ve done

Please go to him, tell him
Before he finds someone new
‘Cause if I’d ever lose him,
I don’t know what I’d do
‘Cause he’s all I got
Built my world around him
(He’s all I got) Since the day I found him

Girl, your selfishness causes unhappiness
But why make it hard for me?
Since you’ve been unhappy in love,
I guess misery loves company

For once in your life,
Consider another’s feelings
Confess the truth
That you’ve been concealing


I would gladly go to him
Instead of asking you
But there might be a shadow of a doubt
Your gossip might have been true

So, tearfully, I ask of you
Please undo the wrong that you’ve done
‘Cause without his love, I know
I know I can’t go on


Can’t bear to lose him
(fade out)

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