How Can Instagram Be the Strongest Tool for Ecommerce Websites?

When it comes to one of the most visually and aesthetically appealing social media platforms nothing beats Instagram in the contemporary age, thanks to its one of a kind interface and a wide array of features. As a matter of fact, the visual-only and appealing nature of Instagram is probably the biggest reason why budding photographers, fitness entrepreneurs, and aspiring business personnel are attracted so much to the platform. In other words, what YouTube is to filmmakers and videographers, Instagram is for entrepreneurs.

If you are wondering why Instagram is hailed as an absolute godsend for entrepreneurial businesses, take a look at these reasons that describes the platform’s importance to e-commerce businesses:

An Opportunity to Link Carts
In late 2016, Instagram declared the news that it would be incorporating a Shop Now button that will let the startup business owners link checkout carts to their inventories showcased in the content. The motivation behind this approach is a pretty clear one – half of the populations in the developing and developed countries have an access to a smartphone which allows them to browse the world at their fingertips. Instagram acknowledges this fact and has allowed the entrepreneurs in the e-commerce industry to link products in higher resolution images. For business aspirants in the e-commerce industry, Instagram is the perfect tool for brand funneling.

Instagram Stories
Selling your products and services is time-consuming no matter how good your stock is or how effective it will be for the audience. In other words, there is no point in making your Instagram content stand on quality if it lacks the context. With Instagram Stories on the board, you now have the potential to add relevant context to your content ensuring both authenticity and intimacy.

Share Links within Stories
With Instagram Stories, not only e-commerce brand marketers have been powered by the intimacy, but they have also been provided with the chance to promote their products upfront through stories. Hence, if you are an entrepreneur who has just kicked off his business and is looking for ways to market his or her brand offerings, you can actually host your own webinar representing the brand and products via Stories. Moreover, such representation of your brand will help you gain more followers for Instagram.

Besides all the other new features, Instagram has also announced that it will showcase Stories on Explore, which will drive brands to invest and secure top spots on the tab. Generally speaking, with the amalgamation of Stories and the Explore tab, brands will invest more in getting discovered and increase their exposure on the platform. This will also help the e-commerce brands to make the most on the similar interest of their audience, which will make Instagram the most powerful e-commerce tool than what it is already.

Instagram is currently serving a lot of e-commerce brands that are looking for audience engagement and exposure. If you wish to increase your brand awareness and promote your offerings, start leveraging the features of Instagram from today itself.

Author Bio – Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.

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