How You Gonna Tell Me

See, every time me and my man get into a fight
This girl is giving her advice
She wanna say he ain’t no good
And she thinks I should get another man in my life
But I don’t see how she gon’ tell me
What she thinks a man should or should not be
‘Cause her love life ain’t right
She needs to get it tight before she be steppin’ me

Now come on, if you’ve been divorced more than twice
And you wanna give advice ’bout my love life, oh no
You can just forget that
I don’t need that
So you can just go ahead and keep that
And if you always lookin’ a mess
But yet you wanna tell me how to dress, oh no
I don’t wanna hear that, I won’t take that
So you just go ahead and save that

At least if you were gonna try and give advice
About my life
Have your own shit right
‘Cause you ain’t even livin’ what you preach to me
So please, how you gonna tell me

Repeat Hook

Tell me
Why do I find that the blind
Is always trying to lead the blind
They always got something to say
Every day
About the way you do your thang
But I don’t see how they gon’ tell me what I need or how I need to be
‘Cause if they ain’t doing what I wanna do
Living like I wanna live I don’t wanna hear it

Repeat B-Section

Repeat Hook 2x

You ’bout to lose your house
And your ride too
‘Cause you don’t handle business like you should do
But you know how to fix my thang (my thang)
You dropped out of school in 11th grade
Stripping every day just so you can get paid
But you know how to fix my thang
How you gonna tell me

Repeat Hook 4x

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