I Cry

I been through this lifetime struggles and pains
Hustle and change, rustle and chains
Bangs and gangs and still the game wont change
Its all switched up now messed up now,
those were hard days but this is aint tao
More like sin pow, the new stuff begins now
Over style, girls is go diggers for figgaz
And when you care for em they kiss the game goodbye
Like jada, I cant lie the game done made me a semi hata
But maybe lata I can hold my heart in the area to play its part,
Stage the mark
my life one failure afta another
trying to discover Where I fit in,
in a place where the dumb get dumber
yo yo
you got the girls that get smothered chopped up and hated
wit multiple lovers,
all I got is my real brothers to hold me down,
I already said when I die know one gotta hold me down
Release like leo decap
Frozen like sea tap, digital remaz life is untold stories
Money maybe one day, but for now its coporate
Still standing like a titan, never that and I aint lying
Game like Tyson jerked from me slide tackling like byson
Anyway im here to stay up son though I cry nightly
I wont be outgunned the almighty,
Easy to say but live the place day by day
the body aint place Where you stay yo…….it like this..

its like I cry…..everday that passes by…..
even though ive paid the time
Its seems I still gotta live a lie yo uh uh….

rats and shit moving under your legs
Papers as beds tears have fled in the past
Maybe the future, I pray to the lord for help
I might even call on Buddha, no one will help me
The road that I walk I walk alone
No friends loved ones no one to tear when I gone
Wandering the earth lost cause in the mirth
I’mperfect yet I wont be discouraged
Mal nourished from walking on fatige
Wit fatigues, having to scour the earth barely able to breath
Survive on blocks that would bring hero’s to their knees
And yet I stand able waiting for the next breeze

(uh huh)

It’s a cold world
I know you heard the words before
But you wont know how real before your life takes a detour
And everything goes downhill like meal course
And yet you still try to keep course
When lifes showing no remorse
Deep and depressing but second guessing
Lesson to blessings every essence
Step back and still get tested
that’s why I sing on this song holding my own
I only wish that someone can aid me in my life going wrong… Make me go crazy


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