I Don't

Yo, this for all them niggas and bitches
that thought it was over for No Limit
And now y’all wan’ holla
cause y’all know it’s back on and poppin’
This what I got to tell y’all (UUUNNNGGHHH!)

I, don’t, fuck witchu, bitch, ass, uh, niggas
I, don’t, fuck witchu, bitch, ass, uh, niggas
I (for my real thugs!) don’t fuck witchu (for my real thugs!)
bitch, ass (for my real thugs!) uh, niggas (my No Limit real thugs!)
I (for my real thugs!) don’t fuck witchu (for my real thugs!)
bitch, ass (for my real thugs!) uh, niggas

[Verse 1]
The New No Limit so how you love that?
The girls be jockin us wodie we all that
The Ghetto Bill Gates so you know I got dollas
I’m flippin CDs from tape, to ‘cane we got power
Hit the block big Bentley, rollin with the top ball
Niggas jumped cap so wodie they fell off
Now wodie can’t hustle, and wodie can’t eat
I had paper before I met you boy you can’t beat me
Now wodie cryin like a broad that mean wodie fake
The only reason wodie wanna sue cause wodie got replaced
I mean, wodie be sayin all that, wodie raps wasn’t all that
And wodie trippin, ?? the house and the car at


[Verse 2]
I got my Gameface on, my name plate on
If it don’t say The New No Limit then be gone, huh
I’m a couple o’ years ahead of you cats
I mean the big wolf is back and I’m eatin the pack
How you trippin on me, but my papers too long
While you focusin on me, your girl is gettin boned
Why you worried about me? Is it catch 22?
And that word love, it only come with loop
I know you wasn’t real from the first time I met you
I was waitin for you to step out of line so I could wet you
And if you play with fire then you might get burned
But if you a real Soldier you can make your own turn


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