(I Wanna Be Your) Underwear

I wanna be your t-shirt when it’s wet;
wanna be the shower when you sweat;
I gotta to be the tattoo on your skin;
ya lemme be your bed baby – when you climb in…
I wanna be the sheets when you sleep;
lemme be the secrets that you keep;
I gotta to be the spoon – ta stir your cream;
I wanna to be the one that really makes you scream…

I wanna be – your lipstick – when ya lick it;
I wanna be – your high heels – when ya kick it;
I wanna be – your sweet love babe – ya when you make it;
From your feet up to your hair – more than anything I swear
I wanna be – your underwear

I wanna be the itch that you scratch;
wanna be the chair when you relax;
I got to be your razor when you shave;
wanna be the one that makes ya misbehave…

I wanna be – your hot tub – when you’re dippin’;
I wanna be – your bathrobe – when you’re drippin’;
I wanna be – your cocktail baby – when you’re sippin’;

I just wanna be right there – more than anything I swear
I wanna be – your underwear

Wanna be your sleepin’ bag – baby slip inside;
Let me be your motorcycle – n’ take ya for a ride – alright
I wanna be – your hot sauce – ya when you’re cookin’;
I wanna be – your sunglasses – hey good lookin’;
I wanna be – wanna be the one – ya stick your hook in’;

I just wanna be right there;
more than anything I swear…
Oh ya…
I wanna be – your underwear

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