I Wish Every Day Could Be Like Christmas

What time is it baby, is it that time again
When snow will be falling, friends will be calling
You know it’s time when, there’ll be carolers singing Silent Night
I love when they sing, the feeling it brings
It’s warm as a fire is bright
Soon there’ll be toys for good girls and boys
And reindeer are heading our way
Yes, and Santa will come down the chimney above
There’s one thing I wanted to say

I wish every day could be like Christmas
And if I could have one wish come true
I wish every day could be, full of peace and harmony
I wish every day could be like Christmas, I do

I saw a child sit with old Mr. Clause,
Looked him in the eye and he asked old Santa what peace on earth was
Now the old man grew cautious, on how he would say
That it’s the greatest gift what you could give, every day


Now the mistle-toes and the house of Lords
All the world seems at ease tonight
And all that I ask when these precious moments pass
Is why can’t every day be so bright


Honest I do, yes I do now
Very merry Christmas

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