If They Knew

1 – I don’t know what she would do
If she knew that you were comin’
To do what we do

I don’t know what he would do
If he knew that you were comin’
To do what we do

Always wondered if she knew about us
When I met ya, you said ya’ll had broken up
Right on time cause I didn’t have my love
Me and him was on some other stuff
That let me fall to you
And from what I could tell, you fell too
And I wonder if it would be wrong
If we just kept it up

2 – And I know we
Both had someone that we just left home
And they still think that they’re the only ones
I like the way we hang, but it ain’t below
When we know the feelings ain’t all gone

Repeat 1

Always thought that he knew about you
When I met you, I said we were through
In time my feelings came right back
But I didn’t let us get off track
And I got so into you
Way too fast, what do I do?
When I know I shoulda held it up
But you just turn me on

Repeat 2

Repeat 1

[Left Eye]
Yeah, come on, what, uh, LaFace, come on
We kept things pretty tight thus far
Love without the sex
And hundred thousand dollar cars
Ain’t it funny how an orange and a fly
An entity upon itself, that can spread wings

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