In My Time

[Verse 1]
It was a cold morning, gloomy, sun barely shining
Figured it was gon rain today, so i’m in
Sit around the house until the thunder storms slacks off
Look at my nightstand, and pick the paper back up
Nostradamus, I’m readin chapter, after chapter
Predictions of the end of world, and after
Life, wit no beginning, as the world stops spinning
?as a journey that’s never ending
I glance at my baby boy, I can see this in his eyes
The little nigga glad to be alive
And as the days go by, I thank god for watchin mines
Prayin that I remained in fire
The same man that I was, which starts from the other mind phrase
Was it the cash I think my time came
For me to venture off into different demensions
The beginning, the endind, of my time

[Chorus: 1x]
What we fail to realize
Is that we runnin outta time
Do we ever be born again
In my time of dying
It’s like i’m runnin outta time
Will I ever be born again

[Verse 2]
In my time, I try to stay true steps on the game
And if you nigga’s thinkin like me, do the same
Which is one minute ya smilin, the next ya start cryin
Cause we can’t accept we born to die
And I, ease my edge, and be a nigga to the end
But it’s more to life then me and my benz
When my mama told to speak to my friends
I kinda took that shit to heart
So don’t fuck up your life, ‘fore it starts
Some nigga’s wanna be like Mike
I’d rather be like Christ(like christ)
So at the end, i’ll see bright lights(bright lights)
I save a prayer for the fallen soldier’s
Too many nigga’s died young, for tryna to hang
On the slaim’s of our slums
And outcome, as mommy neals, sittin on the front row
Hopin god will accept your soul
The new millienium, and as I sit watch the distance
Ships walk the horizon, I’ll stare into space while i’m drivin
And pray for me, all the ends of my sins
The beginning, the end, of my time, till i’m born again

[Chorus: 1x]

[Verse 3]
In my time, I’ve seen life born, and I been blessed
Enough to see life lossed, it’s just the price life cost
And shortly, explain my born, I know i’m born to do it wrong
So when i’m gone, life goes on
Tell my mother, when she on the front row, hold her head up
Shed no tears, and dred those years
Smile, and even though my whole life’s been a po’ball
You did your’s, and it’s not your fault
Tell my grandmother those words too
She knows i’m headed to a better place
That’ll put a smile on my wife’s face
God’s graced the evil spirit that surronded me
And pass me, and anytime it could’a had me
But when it all went wrong, sung the same ol’ song
Now it’s peace after the storm blew on
And??, it’s the better life, security for your’s and mines
What the evil lies, and not so guide
In my time, it’s been times, I would’ve stopped and called the quits
But I might as well sit until it’s over wit
Eath to earth, and ashes to ashes, dust to dust
It’s the lord I trust
The territory where I come from, so I guess it’ll be when I return
No sorrow, it was just my turn
And in those, last trumphet sounds, put me down in the ground
But i’ll proably be at home by now
And it’s help will change(these helps will be changed)
Blinking of a eye, but I don’t think I’ll get to see that
In my time, till i’m born again

[Scarface talking]
It’s changed, when we born
And how we born from woman
We born, from the spirit, of life
And all our flesh remains
And not, by the flesh of man
And not by the flesh of man
Do not believe that

[Chorus until fade]

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