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Boys go to College toDevelop their mind; but,

Girls go to College toCatch them Beforethis Happens.


Brain Damaging Habits.!

1. No Break fast,

2. Over eating,

3. Smoking,

4. High sugar consumption,

5. Air pollution

6. Sleep deprivation,

7. Head covered while sleeping,

8. Working your brain during illness,

9. Lacking in stimulating thoughts,

10. Talking to close ones Rarely. . . .



A Man got Computer job. 1st Day he worked till Nite.

Boss happy &asked what u did Today?

man :Keyboard Alphabets are Not in order,so I rearranged


A Man was riding a helicopter near kashmir after some

time it crashed..

When asked what happen,he replied

“It was too cold so i switched off the fan”


A Man went to exam. Question paper in yes/no type.

and he toses coin,for head he writes yes & for tail no.

He finished exam in 10 min. A Man again tossed de coin.

Supervisor asked wat r u doing?A Man told ‘m checking the ans..


Man :G on an interview 4 the post detective.

Interviewer-“who killed Gandhi?

man : thank u sir 4 give me a job.I ‘ll investigat tis case now


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