Kiss Your Past Good-Bye

Finders keepers losers weep
Down on 42nd street
Bare-foot-children cryin´ my-oh-my
I watched you on the avenue
While other men were having you
I think that you should led your caged bird fly

And kiss your past good-bye
Kiss your past good-bye
Kiss your past good-bye
Kiss your past good-bye

I´ve been so lost I must confess
I´ve had my share of loneliness
But yeah it´s hard to keep a good man down
The loves you lost were all in vain
The past lives on inside your brain
I don´t think you need those memories
Hangin´ ´round, yeah

Kiss your past good-bye
You´ve gotta let if fly
Kiss your past good-bye, yeah

And if that bird don´t fly away
There´s just one thing I got to say

It´s later than deuce a ticks
Your broken heart, it needs a fix
You´re feedin´ off a high that would not last
And people they don´t seem to care
And sorry just don´t cut it, yeah
It seems to me you´re gettin´ nowhere fast


Or kiss your ass good-bye
Kiss your past good-bye
There´s no more tears to cry
So kiss your past good-bye

Or kiss your ass good-bye

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