Let’s Make Tonight The Night

Livin’ day to day, the same old things
Enough to make you want to scream
Limited time, border line
Peace of mind is all you need
But I know a place far away
From all the noise and crowded streets
If ya jump in the car, it ain’t that far
The ride with me is free

[1] – Let it flow, let it go, let me get your coat
Baby let it be me
Let me open that door, let me get your seat
Show a little bit of chivalry
Let me kiss you right there
Smellin’ your hair, let me hold your hand
Play some soul
Baby let me know (I wanna be your man)

[2] – Let’s make tonight the night
That we ride underneath the stars so high
Let’s make tonight the night
That we fall in love if we think it’s right
Let’s make tonight the night
That we both decide what it’s gonna be
Let’s make tonight the night
That you fall in love with me finally

I remember when I used to sit
And wish that it would rain
Knowin’ the sun would come to stay
And chase the clouds away
Ya gotta know that somethin’ beautiful
Is always on the way
And deep in your heart
You feel the spark of love and everything’s okay

[Repeat 1]
[Repeat 2]

Finally you’ll say you love me
I betcha betcha you do
I betcha you do yeah

Finally tonight you’re gonna be in love with me
Fall in love with me, yeah
Let’s make tonight the night
Let’s make tonight the night
Let’s make tonight the night
Let’s make tonight the night

[Repeat 1]
[Repeat 2 until fade]

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