Long Way Down

And it’s a long way down
It’s a long way down
It’s such a long way down
to the place where we started from

Yo, i’m still trying to figure out this Venus and mars thing
But everytime I see you all I hear is a harp string
We chilled last night
I had to record this
Listen to portishead
Makin love in the forest
Where not stuck in this orbit
Its gonna work out for us
So gorgeous like the voice of the woman gracing the chorus
A newborn in its pure form
Gentle and precious
We connect on more than just mental
Don’t let this shit stress us
I’m okay if you’re okay
I know it sounds cliché
But we built this whole relationship from sand and clay
Now we’re so strong
We’ve got a concrete bond
And it completes so solid
I had to write this song

And it’s a long way down
It’s a long way down
It’s such a long way down
to the place where we started

We met when we was young
Two hearts that beat as one
I knew it from the start
Not till death do us part
Nothing compares to you (keep blazin)
I’m a fine young cannibal
And you drive me crazy
I know your looks attracts guys
But that don’t faze me
Soul mate, make me feel like they got nothing on me
Just to, taste your lips
Plus your voice is calming
I know its hard babe cause i’m always on tour
But my love is fucking pure
And that’s for sure
Been around the world
Feel like I’ve covered whole earth’s surface
Stressed out to the point of askin if it’s worth it
Sometimes it trips me out kid
Cause you’re so perfect
I gotta keep working, striving and building
So we can get a house, have kids and grand children
Till then I’ll make sure you don’t regret
That you gave me another chance girl I won’t forget!

It’s a long way down
It’s a long way down
It’s a long way down
It’s a long way down
Listen to me man, make sure you love what you do
Cause it’s gonna take a time for anyone to get to the ultimate goal
And As long as you love what your doing
Doesn’t matter how long it takes
And when it finally does happen
Try to remember how hard you worked to get there
And appreciate that’s shit
Keep climbing

I’m shark where you swim
Sharp as a dart in your skin
We’ve been given a title that’s not hard to defend
Not just my partners my friends
See this from start till the end
With words that alter the wind
Cause we assault with a pen
And hit with the song
No problems here we getting along
Take turns from learnin from our mistakes
Admit when we wrong
And everybody knows how to fight
To shows that are tight
Appropriate strikes
Nobody’s sober tonight

Take a walk on the wild side
Give me beats and I’ll never die
Ill hold your mind like a hypnotist
Swing the watch into overdrive
There’s no rabbit or wand
My habits are rippin a song
The magic comes from the act of people waving their arms
I’m as sane as I was
Given and receiving the love
Livin and breathing this stuff
[With Rob the Viking on drums]
Battleaxe warriors – mad child prevail
This is music for ya’ll bars notes and scales

And it’s a long way down
It’s a long way down
It’s such a long way down
to the place where we started

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