Love At First Sight

1a: Never thought I would fall for a stranger
Never thought I’d be so naive
Trying explaining the strangest behaviour
But this never happend to me

1b: I just met the boy of of my dreams
He smiled at me from afar
Before I could think about leaving
He was holding me in his arms

CHORUS: Now I believe in love at first sight
Now I believe it can be (I believe it)
Yes I believe in love at first sight
‘Cause I’m sure it just happened to me

2: He smiled at me, asked me to dance
He told me he’d seen me before
I could not resist his advances
I know I should see him some more
I wanted to tell him I loved him
I wanted to say it right then
My heart was so full of emotion
And I just had to see him again


Believe in love at first sight (x4)

1b: CHORUS: (repeat & fade)

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