Morally Confused

Morraly confused ’cause i’m faced with the scum
the scum that keeps my emotions numb
fight with the images, i fight with my thoughts
suppress all the violence & keep backing off
Am i still good if i want to see it
am i still sane if i want to feel it
The love in my heart ain’t the answer to it
blood on my hands and morraly confused
I feel the pain that i inflict
there’s a lot of baggage that keeps building up
baggage that’s always annoying as fuck
annoying reminders of how it is
frustrating shit that’ll never change
I can’t be bothered with problem solvers
all sound alike, they’re all pantomime
I can’t be bothered with problem solvers
leave me to stew here alone in my fuckin juice
I don’t know, i don’t know what’s right
I can’t shut these images out

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