Now Is the Time to Say Goodbye

Now, the time has come
For us to say goodbye
When you walk away, keep on goin’
Don’t look back to watch and see me cry
‘Cause then, you wouldn’t wanna leave
And you’d only feel sorry for me
And that would hurt even more

So, hurry, be on your way
Don’t worry ’bout me, I’ll be alright
In this cold world, I’ll survive
At least I’ll try to pick up the pieces
Of my shattered life
But when you told me you loved another,
I think I knew all the time

The clock ticks on
The hour is drawing near
But for me, the time will stop
When you walk out of here

Oh-hoh, what will I do then?
Oh, my darlin’, oh, my darlin’, how will I begin?
How do I start my life over
When I’ve given everything I have to that special someone,
Built my world around him,
Then he tells me he doesn’t want me?
Oh! How much can one woman take?

Walk on, baby
Leave me while I can still letcha
Go on, get out of my life
(fade out)

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