One Sunday morning I woke up with you on my mind
Cuz I knew later on I’d see you in your glory looking so fine.
Now I could be a little foward and do things to show you how I feel
But I dont want to be disrespectful, so I just be waiting
For the day you try to baptize me with
Your kiss.

The more I get to know you I hope and pray to
Everyday do whatever’s righteous and true
Cuz your love is so religious
And Babygirl dont you know I worship the ground that
You walk on, live by your
Every word cuz your love is so religious.

I wanna thank your father for making you on that day
And give blessings to your mother for raising you so
Now in my heart I know for certain without an ounce of
Doubt in my mind.
That I can preach a whole entire sermon just to testify on
The goodness of your love.


What I want is your love, take me higher baby, take me
Higher, what I believe, you’re what I need
To live a life of wholesome and good love.


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