Take all the goods from all the bads
And tell the people that you’ve gone away
Now lift your head up to the sky
And now you can tell apart the black from the white

And you wish the time they treasure dear
And my only thought is that they could be right
Well look, there goes another year
About as distant as a satellite

And I feel Safe – so Safe
And I feel Safe – so Safe
And I feel Safe – so Safe
So Safe

The world’s a small child in the dark
And my mind’s the same place that it’s always been
The monsters seem to fade so fast
Upon the waking of another dream

And I feel Safe – so Safe
And I feel Safe – so Safe

And I feel safe, I feel so brave
I’m not afraid of anything they’ve got to say
If you’re okay, because your tucked away
Don’t go astray
You’ve got to be just who you are, who you are

When I was young things didnt last
My only cares went to the price of sweets
Now I’m more older I can laugh
A darling mixed up man with problem teeth

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