See Me Through

Before we met I was free
I never had to worry about anyone but me
Now that boy is gone and in his place
Is a man who needs to hold you night and day
So if I stumble, if I fall
Forgive me I’m just learning as I go alone

See me through, see me through
This aching heart has come so far
To be with, see me through
With angel eyes, just look inside
At all this love I never want to lose
See me through

I know sometimes I let you down
But I’m still getting used to having you around
And if I ever make you cry
There’s nothing I won’t do to make things right
I’m not perfect and that’s for sure
A little time is all I’m asking for

[Repeat Chorus]

See me through this mask I wear
Well, I’m almost there, you know I care
I am the man you always thought you knew

[Repeat Chorus]

See me through, See me through
Oh see me through
yeah yeah
oooo ooo see me through
oh we’re almost there, can’t you see that
I’m almost girl I’m almost there
This mask I wear
Girl, I’m almost there, I’m almost there
See me, See me through this mask I wear,
I’m almost there
ooooo girl
See me through, ooo yeah

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