Well he’s laughing right now but I know that he cries
He says it’s changin, goes like the wind, just like the wind

[Slimm Calhoun]
I was born with the mission, supposed to be impossible
All my life I’ve heard plenty of shit, lots of bull
like you just a nigga, you’ll never get a job
so you best be at sellin dope or rob
Learn how to shoot a nine before I come around
Stay down on the ground, sackin every dime
Know a nigga seein hard time
Tryin to skip these lines so everything I knew was big time
Before you slip n slide in the dirt
Great crime, til the church fell down on the niggaz on the block
I gotta get mine to get serious when I’m focused
Call the curtain and misplaced all the searchin
I got partner servin life
Jackin for small change or cause they foundthe habit or couldn’t maintain
We’re all lookin for better things
And I heard it in my dream, as she sings

If I give you an inch will you try for the yard
Yeah, if my eyes see it
Well he’s laughingright now but I know that he cries
He says it’s changin, goes like the wind, just like the wind

[Slimm Calhoun]
Situation haters, tryin to superface me and my cousin
Like a dirty half a dozen was buzzin and caught duckin
Slippin with mine ain’t safe
God don’t let ’em take me
He’s bucks shake, too late for Pammy, she had to get goin
Like an escaper, it was like a train when I was away
Thank the lord for savin me
Took one for the real trip, too greedy
I tell you y’all niggazis shady, so packed out
Y’all play me, fight me with niggazthat sick and consistant
I’m tired of all these kids pullin the trigger to show what they did
Kids in world is so fucked up
Little Joey thought he had to make a kill to be cool
And his best friend dropped out of school
Now where could he be,
somewhere in the streets slangin keys? I don’tknow
But it’s to me you motherfuckers,
in the dope hangin just as many tryin to rap
And I heard a sayin, in my dream


[Slimm Calhoun]
Currently bitch niggaz is still doin the same shit
Drivebys, get some fo-fos since birth
Clickin work, now, who ain’t gonna get hurt
Bystanders, innocent, gettin caught in the firecrossin
And lives bein lost in the mix of ammo blastin, cars crashin, gas
mashin, guns stashin while mothers cry
The fools laughin, get shit happen

[chorus 2x]

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