Smiling Down At You

I have to leave now, I gotta go away
I am never coming back, how I wish that I could stay
But my situation stops me from doing what I want to do
But from where I’ll be going, I’ll always look down to you
Before I go, I will look into your eyes
And I will know that there will be no surprise
Of what I see when I get to where I am to go
Your smiling face, will always let you know

If you need me, I will always be nearby
If you think of me, just look at up at the sky
And I’ll be there, smiling down at you
Just remember me and I’ll be there for you

Please don’t cry, you ‘ll join me here one day
Wipe away those tears, just remember what I say
Everything will be fine, live your life without me
But I will be close by, within your memory


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