Smoked Out

yo h-hit that bitch up ah ah coo!

we bout to get smoked out in this bitch here TONIGHT
when the last time you heard that shit? (turn that shit up)
DAMN, we been a minute nigga (chokin)
still doin this shit (pass dat shit)
look look look for yall niggas that dont know
nigga, i really be smokin on my smoking songs (alright)
you can smell it? (fuckin right)
(cough cough) thats that (cough cough) thats real shit ya heard me?
(cough) ooo shit!
hit this shit foo’
yah aint scared huh?
heh, you can handle it?

get yo dope, yo pipe, cigar papers, scissors and cut it up
smoke somethin, sell somethin,
roll somethin if it aint doja then put it up
I’m bout to let you bitches know somethin
I’m the nigga to holla at if you really tryin to blow somethin
scope pounds and qb’s like they inexpensive
got cushion northern lights right but no 2pac and Jimi Hendrix
like the inscence, me run outta weed is that senseless?
for instance, I’ma be around this bitch smokin ’till I got dentures
three smokin songs each who be charged you know the credentials
I’m in it, four smokin songs I done got
so loaded I forgot to count this ain’t no mystery
yall niggas be lettin that bullshit miss me
you know the history
been smo-kin move a box of fifties
leave me high
leave me tipsy
but won’t go gettin that fucked up nigga huh tell me now what’s the
this that shit
shit that can’t stay won’t go off of
this that shit
cause right ch’yall can’t smoke off of

(whatchu is?)
I’m just a rap writer (but wha?)
before I get my nerves bad

smoke all OVER this motherfucka
BITCH you aint loaded
boom boom boom boom AT THE DOOR!
you got a problem with me gettin high? suck a dick and die
(cough) coo!
yall motherfuckas aint loaded
nigga if y’all was motherfuckin loaded like me
you would have yo motherfuckin lighter up nigga
put your motherfuckin lighters down nigga, and light that bitch up

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