Southside: Houston, Texas

ft. Devin, Tela

Meanwhile, on the Southside of town…


Southside, the south, southside [8x]


Now what you niggas know about the dirty South
Nigga you spit the wrong shit you gettin’ spurred in the mouth
Southside, let the spotlight shine, heat ’em up
Introduce ’em to the glock 1-9, beat ’em up
Who in the muthafuckin’ house y’all, the Gulf Coast
Sippin’ blurbs, we perb on, serve and get a smoke
Eyes bleedin’ from the brown shit
The porch thick as you could ever fuk around wit
And shut you down, bitch
I represent from all angles of the south
From S.A. to M-I-A, we in the house
Knockin’ busta muthafuckas out
So what you sayin’
If you for real about this Goddamn game
You’d say you playin’
So what you claimin’
Peep the game that’s bein’ spit
Tell dem niggas who ain’t listenin’
That Southside’s the shit
I’m screamin’ "Dirty South"
While I’m chuckin’ up my deuce
Dedicated to my down ass niggas
The South trues, the Southside



Southside, nigga what, nigga southside
Bitches come a dime from outta town
With they mouth wide open
Scopin’ out the popped trunks, trippin’
Off the candy paint, drippin’
Elbows and vogues slippin’
Lookin’ for sumtin’ to happen
And thinkin’ that these streets are cool
And I’m the fool to show ’em ’round
‘Cuz I be rappin’
That’s when I let ’em know
Hoe, there’s no southern hospitality
‘Cuz when dey get here
Then the southern fatality
I ball
Wit a group of niggas when it’s time to do a job
Fuck these groupie bitches smokin’ drankin’ with the squad
Because it gets crazy after dark
They keep they hands on they gun
From 5th ward to South Park
The Southside



Bitches and hoes, jewelry and clothes
Money to fold, afterparties and shows
That’s how it goes in this dirty hole
Southside muthafuckas need to let ’em know that uhh
(Niggas ain’t playin’ in Texas)
Even our bitches be bouncin’ in bubble Lexus
In the ‘llac, in the back, wit yack
That’s our thang
Niggas got game and you slang like main
I been around the world and I-I-I-I
Love my Southside niggas
I don’t know man
I don’t know why, why
We some live ass niggas
Makes no sense how they pimp in the Chi
I’m gone ball from the H to the M ’til I die
A-T-L, what the hell, you know Atlanta be live
In between New Orleans, shit , we ’bout it and high
Come on

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