Spazz Out 2

This is for my niggas on the block, yo spazz out
Everybody in the spot, yo spazz out!
You feminist cause it’s hot you wanna spazz out!
Just wild out to this cause we don’t give a fuck
My thugs doin’ biz, yo spazz out
Them young niggas on the strip just spazz out
You on ya own, you wanna live just spazz out
Then just wild out to this cause we don’t give a fuck

[Verse 1]
We rappers, we chrome witty type
This to my niggas blaze a fifty light
What and get cha’ high on
Ya shit is on dubs nigga, shit get cha’ ride on
We gon’ spazz out, get drunk to this
From the top y’all know y’all can’t fuck with this
The R-E double S with the Grand Puba
Picture us stackin’ down, shit we came too far
We done paid our dues, still in the game
Why these niggas actin’ like they can’t feel the pain
My thoughts is deep, Suburban slang up with heat
Talk is cheap, just show me money, them big faces
Been down since RUN-DMC with big laces
Tapes, diamond nigga we bout to hit that
Hit it at the club all y’all hoes gon’ bizack
Big exec checks, bitch nothin’ less
And I pull on the strip with Jets, Harley nigga


[Verse 2]
I’m a street nigga, load up my heat with hollow tips
Acknowledge this, go against the grain and feel stiff rain
We big stings, stackin’ our safes to capacity
Force tragedies, a thug mentality
Test my heart pumps blood
We can throw slugs or shoot the fifth, call me
I’m all for it, I don’t care bounce ya fair or where ya from
We can act dumb and leave niggas backs numb
I wanna eat on some legal and shit
But I was born on some evil shit
Ridin’ ways, my childhood is far from forgotten days
See moms locked away, that’s why I hate cops today
So I cop the yay, lock the block, pumpin’ trays
If I reach and shoot, believe that niggas lay
But I went through my trigger phase
Now I want a bigger case
Fuck dippin’ jakes now we sittin’ great


[Verse 3]
Yo, it’s a shame how these bitches wanna know if I’m holdin’ a knot
Haters on the block, gassin’ us from holdin’ a glock
And I’m looney too, Big K big way
My mental states I been through breakdown airway
Bottles or rat, nigga straight sleep with the fishes
My team is vicious, holla at the baddest bitches
Know what I got, hit the crib hot cold to rock
Steamin’ off the top then my soldiers box
Flip the score, plot ways to hustle on tours
See these hit the pipe, fuck up they jaw
I’m livin’ ya rap, hot weight I’m triplin’ that
Pack 22s, come on y’all I’m fuckin’ with macks
Laid back, spazz like I did five flat
I’m in the biz, stressed blowin’ bogies back-to-back
Ya know the click, Harley ya know he spit
Know we sick, one of the connected click yeah


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