Swear It Again (Radio Edit)

I wanna know
Whoever told you I was letting go
Of the only joy that I have ever known
Girl they were lying
Just look around
And all the people that we used to know
Have just given up they wanna let it go
But we’re still trying

So you should know this love we shared
Was never made to die
I’m glad we’re on this one way street
Just you and I
Just you and I

I’m never gonna say goodbye
‘Cause I never wanna see you cry
I swore to you my love would remain
And I swear it all over again and I
I’m never gonna treat you bad
‘Cause I never wanna see you sad
I swore to share your joy and pain
And I swear it all over again

All over again

Some people say
That everything has got its place in time
Even the day must give way to the night
But I’m not buying
‘Cause in your eyes
I see a love that burns eternally
And if you see how beautiful you are to me
You’ll know I’m not lying

Sure there’ll be times we wanna say goodbye
But even if we tried
There are some things in this life
Won’t be denied
Won’t be denied


The more I know of you
Is the more I knwo I love you
And the more that I’m sure
I want you forever and ever more
And the more that you love me
The more that I know
Oh that I’m never gonna let you go
Gotta let you know that I


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