1. Having a good and well organized ED
2. Friendships that will last a lifetime.
3. Seeing the country through the eyes of the natives.
4. Showing off your own area.
5. Learning interesting facts from locals.
6. Warm welcome, kindness, friendly conversations.
7. Learning from the different cultures and relationships.
8. Seeing your own country and area when you show your incoming group around.
9. Becoming interested in hosts’ culture and foods.
10. Feeling part of a family
11. Differences in the way people live.
12. Lifestyle differences.
13. Ease of interaction.
14. Accepting each other – Open-mindedness.
15. Seeing new industries and technology.
16. Comfortable accommodations.
17. Learning the other language a bit.
18. Dramatizing and acting out through the language barrier.
19. Great tours, such as the plywood factory or a banana plantation.
20. Hiking with a naturalist.
21. Falling in love (figuratively) with your host/hostess!
22. Different foods.
23. Dispelling the bias of the local news.
24. Getting to know your own club members.
25. Care and concern from host families when someone is ill.

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