Why Is Instagram the Modern-day Superstar of Social Media Marketing?

According to reports, it has been found that Instagram has already surpassed Twitter in terms of monthly active users and the social media channel is currently the talk of the marketing world. This should not be a surprise to many, especially if you are a marketer who has been consistently seeking a one-of-a-kind marketing platform that is cost-effective at the same time. Apart from that, Instagram keeps on adding new features at regular intervals, which enhances the content marketing strategies for brands that are looking for exposure on the social media.

Marketing experts have been taking a close watch over the rising popularity of Instagram and how well is it going to serve businesses and their promotional campaigns. Here are some of the reasons that make Instagram a stand-out social media platform in the present day of the marketing world.

The Value-added Features

Businesses all over the world that are trying the get a hold of social media for their marketing campaign and showcase their offerings on a broader spectrum have all been bluntly convinced by the power of Instagram and the recent makeover it has been through. The reason behind the popularity of the social media platform and the unparalleled faith of marketers is that the value-added features that render the finest of Facebook. For instance, Instagram now sports the business account, which is geared up with several advantages including the provision of insights for the account holders. With a switch to the Instagram business account, you can now easily get the information on your posts regarding the number of likes, comment, and shares. On top of that, it also provides you with valuable information such as which time of the day is most suitable for garnering the highest form of engagement along with the demography of your followers and how long your targeted audience spends on the visual-only platform.

The Captivating Advertising Format

With the popularity of Instagram in deliberation, the visual-sharing social media channel has also revolutionized the online paid advertising for businesses. Although the concept is relatively new on the platform, the sponsored ads on Instagram offer free and unlimited access to a new and fresh audience. Earlier, marketers used to prefer Facebook for running their advertising campaign, but they all are experiencing better results on Instagram, mostly because of the blending nature of the sponsored ads on Instagram. They give similar look and feel likewise organic posts on the platform and present on the home feed. For a better understanding of marketing on Instagram.

Hashtags Streamlining Content Marketing

While most of the marketers who have been promoting their business for a long time on social media are aware of the hashtags, which was earlier a Twitter-only product, things took a drastic turn when the same was introduced to Instagram. With proper hashtag optimization on your Instagram posts, you can monitor the follower structure and make it easier for the audience to find and connect with you.


Keeping up with the developments and new additions in social media can be challenging, however, with Instagram as your choice of social media marketing, you can promote your products and services in a much brilliant manner.

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