Make Your Lawn the Envy of Neighbors

Having a green lawn can make you the envy of your in-laws and neighbors. A green, healthy lawn means your children have a great space to run around on. Vibrant lawns are also ideal for picnics and BBQ s, and are a wonderful excuse to bring people together. Lawns help cool your house, release plenty of oxygen, and help filter out the dust and dirt that would get tracked into your home otherwise.

The secret to a healthy lawn isn’t hours of hard work under the summer sun. It’s best to work smarter and not harder when dealing with your lawn. Here are some tips to keep your grass green and vibrant, even during the hottest summer months.

Mow The Right Way

This one tip could make or break your summer lawn. Many people have old mowers they’ve used for countless summers without setting the correct blade height or sharpening dull blades. When a lawn is mowed to low and with a dull blade, the grasses require more healing time and nutrients to grow. Cutting your lawn the wrong way can turn it into a disease ridden, brown and ugly mess.

On the contrary, if you set the mower blade to the proper height, one and a half inches for the first spring mow and two or more inches during the hot summer months. While dull mower blades tear grass, sharpened and properly balanced blades cut grass cleanly, allowing it to absorb moisture and thrive. Take the time to regularly sharpen and balance your mower blade.

Soak Instead Of Sprinkle

Many homeowners have working sprinkler systems they use to keep their lawns watered, but many don’t know that fewer, heavier watering are better than more frequent, light applications. Instead of watering your lawn each day, set your sprinkler system for heavier applications three times weekly.

Heavier applications of water allows grass to develop a deeper root system, allowing for better overall grass health. Though many people think watering is best done at night to prevent evaporation and allow for more absorption, night watering could damage your lawn. It’s best to water shortly before sunrise as overnight watering could leave grasses susceptible to damaging mold and mildew strains.

Don’t Bag Clippings

Though a lawn does look clean and concise once it is free from clippings, bagging those lawn clippings may be causing your lawn to suffer. Allowing the grass clippings to stay on your lawn and decompose will add an extra boost of nitrogen that will make your lawn the best looking on the block. Don’t cut too much off of the top, either. Ideally, grasses in cooler climates should remain at about three inches in height, as cutting more than necessary exposes grass stems to damaging sunlight. Grass cut too low can’t absorb nutrients and needs much more water to return to a lovely green hue.

Let Your Lawn Breathe

Like us humans, grass needs plenty of water and oxygen to thrive. That’s why aerating your lawn can be one of the best moves to make for grass health. Aerators are machines that pull small plugs of lawn out of the ground, breaking up root systems and allowing moisture and air to nourish grass roots. If you don’t have time for this much maintenance, it may be a good idea to look into lawn care services to see if one of them could help reduce your time spent on the lawn.

Fall is the best time to aerate your lawn, as there aren’t many seeds to fill the aeration holes and most people aren’t spending much time on your grass. Applying weed repellent and nutrients post aeration also gives your lawn a much needed kick start the following spring.

By creating a thick, healthy bed of grass, weed seeds have a difficult time finding space to put down roots and can’t receive enough sunlight if in a space where competition for sunlight is fierce. Applying weed repellent in early spring prevents weeds from creating root networks and later spreading seeds all throughout your lawn.

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