Tree Pruning in Winter – The Importance

Trees offer food and shelter to wildlife as well as shade to people, break down the cold winds during winter, acts as a barrier to noise pollution and add a majestic appeal to the property. Trees also help improve the environment and increase the value of the property. Trees are true assets which need proper care and have to be pruned in a timely manner to maximize the benefits.

Pruning trees on a regular basis keep them healthy and prevent them from growing dangerously close to power lines and structures. However, for pruning your trees in a proper way you should always hire a professional as they help prevent the need for tree removal that often results when regular tree pruning is overlooked.

Pruning is actually done best during the winter for a few reasons mentioned below.

  • Tree structure is more visible

The main reason to prune the trees in winter is because that’s when the trees are dormant. Most of the leaves have fallen making it easier to see the structure of the tree making it easier for the professionals to identify dead or dangerous branches that need to be removed as well as any potential problems that will influence how to prune the trees.

  • Stop disease spreading

Tree diseases are typically caused by bacteria, fungi, parasites and insects and these agents are usually dead or dormant during the winter months. So, when trees are pruned in winter the diseases are less likely to be transmitted to another area as well as winter pruning allows any dead or damaged branch removal.

  • Increases efficiency

Trees store food in their roots so that they can provide nourishment for the trees throughout the dormant season. So, removing unwanted limbs and branches in winter makes it easier for the tree to store the food it needs for other branches. Aiding in winter food storage will boost the number of flowers and fruit production which will be beneficial for both you and your trees.

So, these are some of the reasons to prune the trees in winter and if you have been looking for a professional to do so.

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